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At MyMillionaireExperience our mission is to help our clients to experience the feeling of being a millionaire and by this, we can help them to fulfill their dreams and goals. Moreover, we are doing our best to make sure that our clients are using our products most effectively by providing suggested procedures and self-accountability strategies.

An initiator of MyMillionaireExperience is Pawel Siemieniuk. He is originally from Poland and for the last 10 years he has been living in Asia. Pawel is an entrepreneur, husband, father, personal development enthusiast, biohacker with many more interests and practices.

Pawel’s biohacking practice in 2008.

Pawel loves any kind of stories about heroes that are helping other people and serving for the good of humanity.

The concept of MyMillionaireExperience came from Pawel's rich personal development experiences. For the last 15 years Pawel has been studying from the best in this field, testing different personal improvement modalities and Law of Attraction techniques. Then the idea of 1M$ emerged as it could help many people to materialize their desires. 

Pawel has been practicing the Law of Attraction according to the teachings of the masters in this field, like Henry Harrison Brown, Joseph Murphy, Neville Goddard, and many others. He has been attending seminars and workshops to directly learn from the best teachers in this area, like
Success Event in Bangkok where Jack Canfield and other renowned teachers had their workshops.

Pawel with Jack Canfield*

*Small disclaimer to the strange cap that Pawel is wearing with the caption: Donation4HospitalBeds.
 Pawel met Jack Canfield at Success Event in Bangkok, Thailand. At that time Pawel and his wife were collecting donations to buy vital medical equipment for a small hospital in the northeastern part of Thailand. Together, they managed to collect enough money to buy necessary hospital equipment (hospital beds, medical oxygen pumps and electronic thermometers).

Pawel is a founder of MyHighestPontetial and MyMillionaireExperience is a part of it. The main idea behind MyHighestPontetial is to create an ecosystem of online and offline projects that encourage our clients to take more responsibility for themselves and their relationships. With MyHighestPotental we have an ambitious goal to reach 1,000,000,000 people (yes! Billion!) by 23:59 December 31, 2050 and ignite sparks of a better version of themselves in their hearts.

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